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Ensure your vessel meets the highest standards and prioritize safety above all else. We offer annual servicing, replacements and new equipment with our instore safety products.

Personal Equipment

  • Lifejackets Foam & Automatic

  • AQ40s Auto SOLAs Lights

  • Immersion Suits Insulated & Non-Insulated 

  • Waterproof Torches

  • Thermal Protective Aids

Liferafts & Rescue Boats

  • Zodiac SOLAS RIB

  • Valise Liferaft 6P/8P/10P etc.

  • Cylinder Liferaft 6P/8P/10P etc.

Fire Fighting 

  • Jacket & Trousers

  • Boots & Gloves

  • Flash Hoods

  • Belt & Axe

  • BA Kit & Cylinders

Pyrotechnics - Pains Wessex

  • Parachute Flares

  • Handheld Flares

  • Orange Smoke Flares

  • Man-Over-Board Smoke Signal

  • Linethrower & Rocket

  • HRUs

Beacon & Radios


  • GMDSS Radios

  • SART

  • Personal Beacons


  • VHF Radios

  • UHF Radios

  • Batteries & Spares

  • Individual Chargers

  • GMDSS Rasop



  • Liferafts

  • Lifejackets

  • Inflatable MOBs/ Horseshoes

  • Extinguishers & Fixed Systems

  • Gas Detector Calibration

  • Cranes


We are your top choice for servicing, making it efficient and hassle-free. 

  • Timely Service: We understand the importance of prompt assistance and our team is dedicated to providing timely service to ensure that you are fully equipped and prepared for any situation on the water.​

  • Collection & drop off: We collect and deliver all your safety equipment for servicing to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

  • ​Onboard Technician: We arrange technicians to come aboard to complete the maintenance of your safety equipment, making us your one-stop shop for a full annual service.

Can't find what you are looking for?

Here at Freedom we will go above and beyond to source and supply the products to suit your specific needs and requirements... just get in touch!

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