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Metal Care 
Code Description Size Quantity
SHEILA Sheila Shine Stainless Steel Polish Aerosol 295ml
Christofle Flash Argent 500ml
ANTIOXY Christofle Anti-Tarnish Liquid 200ml
SILVERPA Christofle Anti-Tarnish Cream W/ Sponge 250g
MITT Christofle Chamoisine Polishing Cloth 17 x 11cm
SSCLEAN 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner - Aerosol 621ml
SUMA Suma Inox Stainless Steel Polish 295ml
FAUCET Faucet Brite Tap Cleaner 276ml
SPEED Speed Wax 200ml
Goddards Silver Care Mitt
CLOTHS Goddards Silver Polishing Cloth
NDULL Never Dull Metal Polish 150ml
STAR Starclean Metal Polish 150ml
BRAS Brasso Polishing Liquid 235ml
FLITZ1 Flitz Metal Polish - Tube 150g
FLITZ2 Flitz Metal Polish 900ml
POLISH Goddards Silver Polish 240ml
PASTE Goddards Silver Foam 532ml
DIP Goddards Silver Dip 295ml
Marble Care 
Code Description Size Quantity
MARBA Marbamist Counter Top Cleaner 900ml
GRANITE Goddards Granite and Marble Polish 240ml
GEL Gel Gloss Marble Cleaner and Polish 475ml
Leather Care 
Code Description Size Quantity
LEXOL Lexol Leather Cleaner - Spray 499ml
LEXOR Lexol Leather Conditioner - Spray 499ml
Glass Cleaner 
Code Description Size Quantity
FLOUR Flour Sack Glass Shining Cloth Pk 6
RAIN Rain-X Treatment 473ml
8631 3M Glass Cleaner
SEAS Amway See Spray Glass Cleaner - Aerosol 443ml
SPRAYAW Spray Away Glass Cleaner - Aerosol 443ml
GLAS Glassex Window Cleaner 500ml
Carpet Care & Stain Remover 
Code Description Size Quantity
SCOT Scotchgard Fabric Protector 413ml
SHOUT Shout Portable Stain Remover Wipes Pk 80
BLEACHPE Clorax Bleach Pen Pk 1
TIDE Tide Stain Remover Pen Pk 3
WINE Wine Away 354ml
WAX Wax Away 236ml
Prochem Blood & Protein Remover 250ml
Prochem Grease, Gum & Tar Remover 250ml
Prochem Urine Spotter & Deodoriser 250ml
Prochem Neutral Spot Remover 250ml
STAIN Prochem Professional Stain Removal Kit 250ml
Multi-Purpose Cleaners 
Code Description Size Quantity
Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner 400ml
ALLPURPO Caldrea All Purpose Cleaner 1L
MSC Gamazyne Multi Surface Cleaner (MSC) 1L
BATHROO Bactain All Purpose Bathroom Cleaner 650ml
VIN1 Distilled White Vinegar 1L
VIN10 Distilled White Vinegar 10L
Ajax Multi Surface Cleaner 1,25L
Mics. Cleaners 
Code Description Size Quantity
BTC Gamazyne Biological Toilet Cleaner (BTC) 1L
TDS Gamazyne Toilet Descaler Sachets (TDS) 5Kg
CALD Caldrea Stainless Steel Cleaner 360ml
COUNTER Caldrea Counter Top Cleaner 500ml
CIF Cream Cleaner 750ml
ANTI Antikal 500ml
MAGICA Magica Rust Remover 200ml
MUSGEL Museum Gel 118ml
MRPROPR Mr Clean Magic Erasers Pk 3
GOOGONE Goo Gone 236ml
WHINK Whink Rust Remover 295ml
873964 Murphys Oil Soap 1L
BARK Bar Keepers Friend Cleaner 354ml
Cleaning Accessories 
Code Description Size Quantity
9999 Yellow Plastic Empty Spray Bottles 1L
SH1410 Metal Household Squeegee
Plastic Household Squeegee
RAGDIAPER Diaper Rags 4.5Kg
T SHIRT T-Shirt Rags 10Kg
ETISPO Cotton Rags 1Kg
FLOUR Flour Glass Polishing Cloth Pk 6
MFIBRE Yellow Microfibre Cloth Pk 36
DUST Guardsman Ultimate Magic Duster Pk 1
BUCKET Casabella Transparent Nesting Bucket
CADDY Casabella Transparent Nesting Caddy
Protective Covering / Non-Skid 
Code Description Size Quantity
SCOOT Scootguard / Dead Mans Skin Non-Skid meter
2mm Coviclear Transparent Non-Skid meter
Laundry Care 
Code Description Size Quantity
DAM Damprid Pot Moisture Absorbers
DAMP Damprid Hanging Moisture Absorbers Pk 3
DRYE Dryel Home Dry Cleaning Kit - Refills Pk 6
DRY Dryel Home Dry Cleaning Kit
WAT Distilled Water 5L
Soupline Tumber Dryer Sheets
BOUNCE Bounce Tumble Dryer Sheets Pk 160
STARFLO Sta Flo Liquid Starch For Washing Machines 3.89L
Robin Spray Starch 400ml
WRINKLE Downy Wrinkle Release Spray 1L
Bin Liners 
Code Description Size Quantity
Heavy Duty Bin Liners 130L
Bin Liners - Black & Various Colours 100L
Bin Liners - Black & Various Colours 50L
Bin Liners - Black & Various Colours 20L
Bin Liners - Black & Various Colours 10L
Code Description Size Quantity
BUBBMT Bubble Wrap metre
B8X6X6 Cardboard Boxes - Large 80x60x60cm
B6X4X4 Cardboard Boxes - Medium 60x40x40cm
B5X3X3 Cardboard Boxes - Small 50x30x30cm
PLATE Hagerty Felt China Dividers Pk 48
STEM Hagerty Stemware Storage Set
CHINA Hagerty China Storage Set Pk 6
Bar Supplies 
Code Description Size Quantity
NESP50 Nespresso Pro Coffee Capsules - Full Range Pk 50
NESP Nespresso Standard Coffee Capsules - Full Range Pk 10

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