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Code Description Size Quantity
42-350 Mixing Pot 0.385L
42-700 Mixing Pot 0.70L
42-135 Mixing Pot 1.35L
42-225 Mixing Pot 2.25L
391 Paint Bucket 7L
390 Paint Bucket 10L
383 Paint Tray Orange Medium
380 Paint Tray Blue/Red Small
METRAY Metal Tray
TRAY Disposable Tray Inserts
80ANY Paint Strainers
STIR Mixing Sticks 100
10336023 Jet Gloss Handle
10336627 Jet Gloss Head
38387 Roller Head Foam - 50mm Box 10
S-7101/P Roller Head Foam - 100mm Box 10
11012033 Paper Overalls Large
601420 Paper Shoes Blue Pair
PAP Elephant Rolls - Paper Towel  Per Roll
487728 Latex Gloves 100
3800367 Preval Complete Kit
3800368 Preval Gas Refil
424267 Teepol 5L
667052 Solvapaint 5L
225458 Alcohol 1L
ALCO Alcohol 5L
225094 White Spirit 1L
133769 White Spirit 5L
223768 Distilled Water 1L
VIN10 White Vinegar 10L
ACET Acetone 1L
ACE Acetone 5L
10104 TD2 Brush Solvent 5L
Praktek Inflateable fenders
Fendress Inflateable fenders – Black only
Mooring Whips - sets of 2
Anchor lifting bags 500Kg
SAF0032 Large Anchor Ball 600mm 60cm
Large Cone Shape
Portable Crew BarBeQue
Beach umbrellas
Tressel tables
BOSUN Good quality Bosuns chair
RGH2 Climbing harness Good Quality ( Chest ) Ridgegear
Climbing harness Good Quality ( leg and waist ) Petzl
470104 Stainless steel mooring chain x 2mts D.10mm
100720 Stainless steel shackles D.10mm for above
Pouring funnels - small
Pouring funnels - medium
Pouring funnels - large
Leather work gloves set
Large Rubber acid Gloves set
405 120 Bobines of 100mt halyard white line D.5mm
405 122 Bobines of 100mt halyard white line D.8mm
404 974 Bobines of 100mt halyard white line D.12mm
405 054 Bobines of 100mt halyard white line D.16mm
Whipping Twine - mixed colours
409 078 Rope cutting guns
404 057 Whipping palms right
404 064 Whipping palms left
Set of Splicing fids 8 - 16mm Braided line
415 309 Swedish 3-ply splicing tool large
415 308 Swedish 3-ply splicing tool small
415 456 Assorted whipping needles box
Bosuns box or bag for above
11782 Igloo boxes Large
30845 Igloo boxes Medium
1694 Set of knee pads
LEATH Leatherman Waves
Lge S/Steel D Shape D.25mm mooring shackles
for mooring rings when docking
Black braided rope D.40mm x 20mt with leather eye
Black braided rope D.40mm x 25mt with leather eye
Black braided rope D.40mm x 40mt with leather eye
50mt Spectra line Diam. 30mm
50mt Floating line Diam. 50mm
Heaving lines x 25mts with monkeys fists
Box of assorted Wichard shackles ( various sizes )
Box of assorted Bungee cords ( various sizes )
Sets of Chaffing/protection for aft lines (power cable)
Custom made zipper holders for hoses power cable etc
in black with heavy duty Velcro straps
Spot Free water filtration system for quay ( 1 year )
Electric Deck scrubbing machine ( similar to hoover )
Clear plastic compartment boxes ( nuts and bolts)
Also heavy duty boxes with some lids to match where
needed in all deck lockers ( Verbion )
Really Useful Boxes
1615 Plastic Roll 55m x 3m x 75cm 165m2
CARD Cardboard Roll 1m x 50m
BUBBLE Bubblewrap 1m x 100m
2058 Coverquick Plastic 33 x 55m Small
2055 Coverquick Plastic 33 x 140m Large
2059 Coverquick Paper 20m x 18cm
201620 Docker Gloves
201629 Rubber Gloves
8458 Safety Goggles
1738 Safety Glasses
1694 Knee Protectors
760 Filler Blades
9661 Gerson Tack Rags 12 pack
RUST Rustol 1L
D1 Deks Olje Number 1 1L
D2 Deks Olje Number 2 1L
WD40/200ML W.D. 40 200ml
WD40/400ML W.D. 40 400ml
202259 K2R Spray 200ml
HULLSINGLE Hull Sucker - Single
Leatherman Leatherman Wave Tool

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