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The one product you'll ever need for Household, Industry or
Marine Application. The product has a great fragrance and works
as a general cleaner but also show muscle as a tuff degreaser.
This product makes simple sense for all walks of life as with this
single product in your home, boat, o?ce or workshop you do not
need any other detergent to keep your goods or premises clean
and spectacular.
Effective on: appliances, countertops, sinks, oors, stainless steel,
marble, granite, glass, cars, boats - interior/exterior, jewelry,
inatable boats, and many more.
Atomic Multi-Purpose Cleaner can also be used in dishwasher
and washing machines.
Available Sizes: 1QT (32 FL OZ) 946ml Trigger Spray.
“ For the unmistakable shine!”

Multi-PurposeBoat Soap

Has an amazing fragrance and is highly concentrated to enable
the consumer to save space and money.
The product has a slightly thicker viscosity that prevents spilling
when pouring. It is a definite all round everyday cleaning detergent.
Effective on: appliances, counter tops, sinks, doors, stainless steel,
cabinets, tubs, marble, granite, glass, cars, boats - interior/exterior,
jewelry, inflatable boats, wood, furniture's, clothing, vinyl, varnish,
and many more with no harmful chemicals to your glossy
painted surfaces.
Available Sizes: 1 gallon
“ You want your yacht to be brilliant !
Your First and last choice is Atomic. “


Comprising a one-part Teak decking system that contains a
highly effective blend of surfactants, wetting agents, emulsifers
and water softeners that will penetrate deeply into the dirt, oils,
greases and other stubborn debris. It will emulsify and dissolve
the dirt so that it can be freely rinsed away.
The cleaner works well by hand application or with scrubbing
machines. It is so easy to use, wet the deck dilute 50% product
with water and scrub the deck as needed.
The advantages to any other product out there is that the
product does not contain harsh chemicals, it is cost effective, and
afflict no damage to the caulking, paint or varnish and also does
not tarnish the stainless steel due to harsh acids!
Effective on: Teak decks and teak furniture.
Available Sizes: 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon

The Story of ATOMIC

For ages our environment and mankind were not considered when soaps or detergents were formulated as long as the product has done the job.
Today we are faced with the challenge to rectify the level of toxins submitted to our land, water and mankind to ensure not only our own safety but also an
inheritance for future generations.
Sadly we have still amongst us careless unscrupulous manufacturers of harmful products whose only consideration is a quick buck!
At Atomic Products Incorporated we do care because when we put our signature on our product it stands good for: integrity, honesty, loyalty, and the consideration of mankind and the recognition of our environment.
We are fully aware of the cheap products available on the market and will not engage to participate at that level as we refuse to sacrifice environmentally safe, biodegradable and quality material in exchange for a quick buck.
When formulating our products, we faced the challenge "rst and foremost to develop products that is biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally and human safe.
We elected to develop a multi detergent first and were so satisfied with the end result that we continued in formulating our range of three products. Our consideration was to ensure that our products had the ability to effectively clean anything in a domestic, industrial and marine environment.
After long hours and hard work, we have finally succeeded in all our endeavors and came up with a range of products that can safely be utilized to clean and reduce all the tedious time consuming tasks onboard these spectacular luxurious yachts.
Our products are well researched , we place a premium on quality and our team being in the marine industry has collective experience
surpassing 15 years being employed in the super yacht industry.
We can relate to the frustrations that exist in keeping your vessel in a pristine and applaudable condition.
For this reason we are grateful that we have succeeded in developing three products that take the frustration out of the
dreariest tasks, and replaced it with products that take care of these tasks with ease and duo diligence.
For these reasons we wish to entice you, to consider our products and become part of a brand
name that soon will be synonym with state of the art luxurious shipping
lines throughout the world.
Allow us to introduce our three specialized marine products



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